Fire Foxes

Denise Billups Walker (Fire Dance Lampwork Beads and Jewelry) - There’s something hypnotic about working in a flame with molten glass. I chose the name Fire Dance from an old lampworking term used to describe the movement of the glass within the flame.

I find inspiration in many places, including Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – a place we’ve visited every year for the past 18 years. The colors there are so bright and vivid… and I enjoy the work of Manuel Lepe who’s paintings are very colorful, naïve and whimsical.

Working with hot glass gives me a feeling of satisfaction, accomplishment and fulfillment. I hope that you will enjoy my work – and that some of it will bring a smile to your face.

Joy Cichewicz (Works of Joy) - My heart and hands have always been busy creating something artistic with paints, metals, textiles, and stained glass. From the time I made my first bead, I was single-mindedly obsessed with reshaping hot glass, both with a torch and in a kiln.

Recent inspirations have come from creating animals with anthropomorphic bodies and from changing recycled glass into something useful and fun. Every piece teaches me something new about solving technical problems, creating patterns, working with transparent and opaque colors, and shaping glass. Working with glass keeps me excited because there are such an incredible number of paths to explore. I hope to spend many more years creating ‘Works of Joy! ‘."

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