All of us foxes have dabbled in electro-forming over the years.  I began with a class taught by Ann Davis I'm not sure of how many years ago. But I know I was hooked.  I got my rectifier from Rio Grande along with the chemicals and off I went into the world of electro-forming.

It was great. I even did silver-plating which was pretty cool. But after a year and a half, my rectifier died. So I talked with my friend Margaret who's husband Charlie, was an electrical engineer.  He took a look at my machine and pronounced it dead.

To cut to the chase, he built one for me that was a real workhorse.  It was bigger, and maybe a little noisier but I learned that was because of the 2 fans built in to keep the circuit boards cool - which was the post-mortem on my first unit.

Charlie has gone on to make an improved model of his "Precision Current Supply" and I'm happy to say I have one of the updated units now.

I really have enjoyed using it.  To para-phrase an info-mercial - "set it and forget it".  It's been simplified and there is only one adjustment and once that is set you don't have to worry about it. The little gremlins inside the box control the current and keep it steady.

And I like the fact it is made in the USA and even more important, there is a human being who stands behind the product and you can contact should  you have an issue.

These are pictures of a few of the pieces I did using Charlie's "Precision Current Supply". It's a sturdy, efficient piece of equipment and I'm very proud that it's made here in the USA.

For more info on this unit, please contact Margaret Sutherland directly at 248-437-5203 or msutherland100@yahoo.com

Marget and Charlie will be at our table at Bead Bonanza, Southfield, MI on Sunday March 11th.

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