Almost there!

Wow! It's time to load up the bead trays and start packing the car - we head to BeadFest on Thursday!

Are we ready?  Of course not! The 3 of us may be very different on a lot of things but we agree that we work up to the last minute trying to make cool new beads and "stuff" - it's that adrenalin rush that brings on creativity, and keeps us up all night.

The hope is that everyone will love that great new idea that popped into your head at 3:50 AM and sent you scurrying for pad and paper!

And more often than not - the first thing to sell, is the very last thing you made!

Enough on that - here's a raffle that Fire Foxes is holding at BeadFest -

If you're on our e-mail listing you should have received the info on this - the show runs for 3 days and you can enter each of the daily raffles. So be aware, every day is a new raffle. You must be present at the show to win.

Just click on the pic and it will open in a new window - print and go!

Have no fear - we'll have extras in the booth!

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